Monday, June 11, 2012

CUSD and CUTA Sign Tentative Agreement for 2012-13

CUTA agrees to 5 furlough days and compensation reduction of 2.71%; CUSD to save $1.32 million to balance the budget

After 17 bargaining sessions since December, Carlsbad Unified School District (CUSD) and the Carlsbad Unified Teachers Association (CUTA) signed a Tentative Agreement on June 11 that includes the following adjustments for 2012-13:
·         3 Instructional furlough days on October 8, February 14, and May 24.
·         1 non-Instructional furlough day on August 24.
·         1 furlough day will be achieved through the elimination of the seven extended staff meetings described in Article 7.3.
·         A reduction of 2.71% in compensation.
·         The one-time Blue Shield “credit” is applied to the CUTA share of the projected deficit.   
·         Agreement to reopen negotiations within 10 days of the November election to review 2012-13 and begin bargaining for 2013-14.
·         Restoration language including review and adjustment periods in September 2012 and January 2013 and a “true up” adjustment in September 2013. 
·         Agreement to staff at 38.5 to 1 in grades 9-12.
·         Elementary prep time language changes for 2012-13.
·         CUTA pays 100% of presidential release.  Can release the president up to .6 Full-Time Equivalent  (FTE).
·         Placement on salary schedule for teachers that have completed a blended BA/Credential program equivalent to those that have completed credential program after BA degree.
·         Language on voluntary and involuntary transfers to Sage Creek High School.
·         Agreement to rescind all layoff notices other than those needed to achieve class size change in grades 9-12, the reduction to 4.0 FTE at Carlsbad Village Academy, the elimination of 1.0 FTE certificated librarian, and the elimination of a .4 FTE psychologist.
This agreement is reflective of the hard work of the bargaining teams involved in the process.  In addition, it is illustrative of the collective spirit of cooperation that makes Carlsbad Unified a great place for students.  This outcome also validates the value of ongoing conversation and open communication in the context of difficult decisions.  We thank CUTA and their leadership for engaging in this process and for sacrificing individual interests for the well-being of others.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

CUSD/CUTA Bargaining Update

We held a brief bargaining session this afternoon.  CUTA presented their package proposal (#8) that included a request for additional "3D" days, change in the language regarding elementary prep time, teacher transfer language, and 5 student contact furlough days. 

In addition, areas of conceptual agreement remained in the proposal: combined BA/MA placement on the salary schedule, CUTA pays 100% of the presidential release time, and resinding layoff notices other than those needed based on board-approved reductions. 

CUTA also proposed reopening negotiations in November 2012 after Thanksgiving break.

The next bargaining session is scheduled for Friday, June 1st. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

CUSD/CUTA Bargaining Update

CUTA proposed an increase in "3D" days, elementary prep time contract language changes, transfer language for Sage Creek High School, combined BA/MA credits, 5 furlough days, CUTA pays 100% of presidential release time, reopening negotions in November, and "upon agreement to above items" rescind layoff notices other than those needed based on board-approved reductions.  In the CUTA proposal, they indicated interest in applying the remaining Blue Shield Credit to reduce the number of furlough days needed.

As a result, CUSD countered with the proposal below which illustrates the difference in furlough days if the Blue Shield credit was used for salaries. CUSD reiterated that this was the last, best, final offer. 

The next session is scheduled for Tuesday, May 22nd.